Family Law and Child Welfare


If you're looking for a family lawyer, you're probably in one of the worst times of your life.

Lawyer Sai of Maple Leaf Law knows how that feels. And she's here to help you through the legal process.  Whether you're in the beginning, middle or very end of a divorce, Maple Leaf Law can help you.

Sai won't waste your time on baloney or beating about the bush. She will be honest and direct with you and will work to maximize value for your money.

Even if you plan to represent yourself, you should get legal advice in order to know what your rights, entitlements and duties are.  Sai can provide you "limited scope" services such as preparing court documents, giving you advice on how to present your case in court or appear in court for you. 

And if you're one of the lucky ones who need a family lawyer for a happy reason like an adoption or a pre-nup or cohab agreement, Sai can help you too!

Sai has experience with married and common-law clients. She has worked in the areas of divorce, agreements, child support, parenting/custody, spousal/partner support, property division and EPOs.

Sai has also represented clients in child welfare matters against Child and Family Services.